For most business owners, their business is their SINGLE LARGEST retirement asset.  Yet, most business owners operate year after year without understanding the value of their business or its’ key value drivers.  In fact, independent studies have shown that the majority of business owners either over or under estimate the value of their business by 50% or more when subsequently compared to a completed business appraisal.  Shouldn’t managing the value of your single largest retirement asset be a higher priority?  The professionals at Mack Business Appraisals can inform you not only as to the current value of your business, but also how to actively manage the business and create more value.  We regularly work with business owners in all industries and locations across the United States to provide guidance as to the current value of their business, the real drivers of value of their business, and ways that they can create more value for their business and how to best position their business for an eventual sale.


“I have retained John several times to provide business valuations for estate and business planning clients. John is knowledgeable and detail-oriented. He keeps me updated throughout the valuation process and always provides a great work product.”
Ryan Boyer, Attorney, Boyer Bohn PC
“John is a man of honor, respect and integrity. He goes above and beyond for his clients with honesty and accuracy. I look to John with high regards and much respect.”
Christine Forakis, Estate and Business Planning
“It is a joy to work with John because he does what he says he will do, communicates status with the client & advisory team, follows up as necessary with additional questions, produces a complete, professional product and delivers on time. He knows his business and, for the icing on the cake, he is a great person!”
Mary Jordan, Partner at Lohman Company, PLLC
“John worked extremely well with a client that needed a business appraisal for estate purposes, but was extremely distraught and as such no so motivated. John, with highest quality, compassion and professionalism got the appraisal done. Thank you again, John!”
Robyn D. Young, CPA, Owner, Robyn D. Young, CPA
“John Mack has done excellent business and estate planning appraisal work for me and my clients. He has a CPA and appraiser background, he stays up with current law in this area to comply with IRS requirements, and understands the issues for advanced estate planning.”
David Case, Shareholder at Tiffany & Bosco, P.A.